My school finally found a speaker who does it right.

I’ve gone to millions of school lectures about tolerance and non-bullying shit. But NONE have ever been close to what I heard today.
Deacan Thomas (I believe that was his name. I came in a little late to the speech.) brought up so many points. But it hit me when he pulled a hundred dollar bill from his pocket. Granted he made us laugh by telling us to call it “a hundrea dolla bill”. But he said the following;
“If y’all want this, raise your hand. If you didn’t, you are lying. You all want this. Now what if I did this? (tears a small section of it) Y’all still want it? (Crowd nods) What if I do this? (crumples up and stomps on) How about now? (crowd nods again) Why? Why do you still want this ugly money? (Boy in the back says “because it’s worth something”) So it has value? Okay. Now what if I wrote all the ugly words, all the hatred that y’all say about each other behind your backs? What if I wrote that all over this hundred dollar bill? I want you to raise your hand if you would want it. (Most of the crowd raises their hand) Because it still has value, correct? Who says you don’t? Everyone is equal. A jock isn’t worth more than a nerd. A cheerleader isn’t worth more than a artist. You are all worth the same damn thing. Society can label you all they want. But like if I wrote on this money, YOU STILL HAVE VALUE!”
That just… Hit hard. Maybe it’s because someone finally had the guts to say it.
Now listen to me, You are ALL worth something. If someone says you’re a piece of shit, let em. Let people say what they want. Cause no matter how you look at it, no one; no matter what colour, or gender, or orenation is worth less than someone else. You are all beautiful people. DO NOT let someone tell you that you aren’t just cause your a different race, or look different, or are a little chubbier than others, or cause you’re gay, or cause your a different religion, or anything else. YOU ARE ALL FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. (:
I hope this made at least one person smile. Cause I know I left that lecture feeling good. I am no less than anyone else. And neither are any of you.
Thank you if you took the time to read this. -Ace

Wednesday Oct 10 @ 12:17am
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